IoT Solutions for Facility Management

Improve your efficiency and people's satisfaction.

Advanced technology,
Real time alerts,
Quality materials,
Installation in a few minutes,
No connection required.

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A turnkey service

Every day, we optimize our solutions to make them as easy as possible to deploy and monitor.

Practical design

Device autonomous, customizable and delivered ready to install.

Real-time monitoring

Online monitoring of battery level and operation.

SaaS platform

Secure and accessible 24/7 platform.

Innovative networks

Our sensors work everywhere, all the time.


We design simple and pragmatic IoT solutions for Facility Management and Cleaning companies. 

Schedule a 30-minutes call with an expert to discuss about your projects.

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Data Analytics

Our IoT solutions collect qualitative data in real time.

Highlighting the most relevant data.
Improve your efficiency progressively.
Data hosting on secure servers.
Simply schedule alerts and reports.

Frequently asked questions

We have minimized energy consumption at all levels: your equipment on stands or walls are powered with AA batteries. The devices communicate in real time while maintaining several years of battery life.

We ship your terminals by tracked 'ready to install' packages containing your equipment and installation instructions.

We favour French manufacturing, to ensure the quality of materials and each step of the production process.

Our team is at your service 5 days a week if you have a problem with your terminal park, contact us via the email address [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the password recovery system. Still in trouble ? Call us on 01 80 91 98 67.