Service Quality Control

Our terminals measure satisfaction in real time with alerts and check-in system enabling you to always know and keep a close eye on what’s happening on a daily basis.


Listen to your customers and enhance customer experience

Our terminals are cable free and autonomous, thus can be placed anywhere and most of all, at key points throughout a customer’s journey. Our terminals are also fully customizable, from size, to colors, to materials and more !

Improve well-being in the workplace

Set up HR campaigns to understand the work atmosphere of your employees. Click on link to learn more about our 7 HR themes program.


Contrôlez la qualité

La borne de satisfaction Agora Opinion contrôle en temps réel le niveau de satisfaction, envoie des alertes et coordonne les interventions.

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Ecoutez vos clients

Les bornes de satisfaction Agora Opinion sont 100% personnalisables et s’intègrent parfaitement aux moments de vérité de l’expérience client.

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Améliorez le bien-être

Posez des questions pour mieux comprendre les besoins de vos clients ou collaborateurs. Découvrez aussi notre programme RH en 7 thématiques.

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Our engagements

For over 6 years now, Agora Opinion has been developing and creating from software to hardware connected survey terminals. Our goal is to improve customer experience and well-being in the work place.

Picto quality control Agora Opinion

Manufacturing process: Agora Opinion smiley terminals are designed, manufactured and operated in Europe.

Picto autonomy Agora Opinion

Autonomy: Our terminal are cable free and run on simple AA batteries for a long lasting autonomy of 2 years.

Picto vision Agora Opinion

Customization: our terminals are 100% customizable, from size, to shape, to colors and more.

Picto technique Agora Opinion

Technology: our terminals are connected via IOT networks such as Sigfox or LoRa.

Picto employees Agora Opinion

Customer service: our team is attentive and responsive, we answer all your questions within 24h.

Picto value Agora Opinion

Social Enterprise: we collaborate with an ESAT (Organization helping people with disabilities to work).

Enter the BIG DATA era

We collect thousands of data each day, automatically analyzed enabling real-time actions.

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Connected wall terminal

Borne de satisfaction murale Agora Opinion


Connected stand terminal

borne de sondage Agora Opinion - borne RH - satisfaction employes


USB terminal

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Let’s discuss to refine your need :

Each satisfaction terminal is manufactured and marketed by Agora Opinion, an innovative SME, which has been designing solutions since 2011 that are connected and concerned about their environment. Agora Opinion collaborates with leading European industries and an ESAT (Establishment and support services by work), employing people with disabilities.